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so i have a arduino mega 2560 with a 3.2" TFT lcd with a sd card slot and recently just bought a ethernet shield that also has a sd slot... is it possible to run 2 sd cards on the mega? if so, how can i do this...

what i aim to do is 1 sd car will be for wav file play back, while the other sd card will be used to load image for the tft interface, i had tryed using 1 sd card for this but it doesnt work as only 1 think can be read at a time with the sd card.... so i am trying o see if running 2 will solve my issue but dont know how to get both sd car to work....

i believe the sd card for the tft is on pin 53 and the ethernet pin is on pin 4


it can be done but you have to give every SD a separate SS pin (typically 10) . So you might need to bend the SS pin of the ethernetshield or the SD shield so they can be selected separately. Take care of the code that it talks to one card at a time (max) as it might corrupt data if both are selected.

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Can both as card be used at the same time? As one is for image loading and the other is for wav files being played... Also how would I give them their own pins as you had to label in the sketch chipselect right ? But that only sets 1 pin say pin 53 for the ad card slot on the LCD... So then what to label for the Ethernet shield ad card slot?

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