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Hi guys,

What would you recommend to power Arduino BT. AFAIK it must not exceed 5.5V, right? So, are 4xNiMH AA batteries a good choice?

BTW, why doesn't Arduino BT use some sort of power regulator?



It does.... just that this power regulator accepts up to 5.5v

It's a switching DC DC converter that was intended to be used with batteries.

Yes it doesnt like more than 5,5v but on the other hand it can squeeze a battery down to about 2volts and still provide 5v to the processor.

If you manage power correctly you can make it run for days on 3 AA batteries.

I got one to run for 24 hours straight while continuously scanning for bt devices, powering an LCD screen and without ever turning off the processor or the BT module.. pretty good.


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