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I have put this in the troubleshooting thread but I now think it should be here?

Is there arduino UNO software for the android tablet similar to the one for windows and where can I download it from?




I haven't wanted to reply because for some reason I thought it was me who was failing to get the system to work, in fact the tablet I have I have now found out is not a true android. It is an arnova 10b g3 which uses a program similar to android but is even incapable of logging onto the google app store.
It looks as if I was sold a pup?
Thanks anyway. I may purchase a proper tablet or even a palmtop, do they call them? the small version of a laptop but running windows.
Until then it looks as if I am lugging the laptop everywhere.


You may be able to replace that tablet's firmware to turn it into a 'real' Android tablet.

I am sure you can find more info via Google.


yea thanks for that.
I am not confident enough to risk that, mores the pity.
I don't trust the directions well enough to be confident that I would come out of the other end with a working tablet though I would like to go that way.

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