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Project: Suitcase Boombox
something similar to:

Hello everyone,
I have this project I'd like to start working on but I will definitly need some guidance.
Im starting this topic so I can, at least, get my circuit done correctly. Since my experience is rather small with electronics I'm open to suggestions ;)

This is what I have in mind so far.

Inside the suitecase I'll have
    -  a power supply module, transformer (220v to 12v)).  Possibly 220v to 15v for battery charge purposes
    -  battery charger for the 2x 12v SLA Batteries (12v 7.2Ah) - I was thinking on a simple voltage comparator and a relay to disconnect the batteries from the 12v supply whenever it reacher 13.8V
    -  batteries would be connected in parallel so it would be 12v 14.4Ah +/-   
    -  4 LM386 amplifiers (one for each speaker driver) - use LM386 Bass Boost for the Bass Speakers
    -  2 Low pass filters (for the Bass Speakers) and 2 High pass filters for the tweeters
    -  2 Tweeters / 2 Bass Speakers
    -  Some LED's for ON/Off status, and Battery charging (or not) status.

I have 2 Tweeters and 2 Bass Speakers salvaged from a Sony HiFi. Not sure the specifications but im guessing they are 8 Ohm impedance.

Next step:

start the schematics on fritzing.


Difficult to see what role the Arduino plays in this.
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Well that's true, it doesn't have an arduino embeded. But I was hoping for some project guidance never the less.
I mean, I couldn't easily add an Xbee and transmit some wireless music ;)

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Ok, this is what i've got so far.

This should make a Tweeter and Bass Speaker work for one channel (left / right) the other channel should be a mirror of this.
Bass boost and low pass filter on the bass speaker and for the tweeter a high pass filter.

still need to work on hte voltage comparator to disconnect the battery from the transformer.
The transformer should be inside the suitcase and so, i only need a simple cable to connect it to the wall and charge the batteries.

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