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working with a friend on a contract to install the IT and comunications infrastructure for a new Old West-themed resort being built in the area

I thought that was called "Tombstone"...

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Yeah just hope it doesn't hit your arduino stuck all the way up that pole  

No problem, just reload the bootloader and your good to go.  ;)



No need for that,  it's already been flashed.
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Ran Talbott

Nice lightning.

Despite my kvetching,  I did manage to get several shots that were at least "acceptable snapshot" quality.  But that simultaneous cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground,  even though it wasn't the best technically,  was the coolest-looking.

Yeah just hope it doesn't hit your arduino stuck all the way up that pole

It's actually in an enclosure near the ground,  but that won't save it if lightning comes down the sensor cables.  Fortunately,  there are hills within a few miles,  and the main electrical line that feeds a good chunk of the county (with lots of nice metal towers) runs nearby,  so our odds of lightning finding a more appealing route to ground are good.

I thought that was called "Tombstone"...

Heh.  The town has kinda-sorta-partly kept a few blocks similar to the way they were a hundred years ago,  but it mostly looks like something from the mid-20th century.  The resort is outside town,  with the surrounding countryside mostly looking like it did back in Wyatt's day (except that the road is bulldozed,  instead of naturally worn by passing horses and horse-drawn vehicles).  I think maybe their goal is to let guests choose their encounters with anachronisms,  instead of being startled  by the passing of a rusted-out Datsun blaring gangsta rap at 150dB while taking the "authentic stagecoach ride" down Allen Street.  But I don't really know:  it's a friend's gig,  and I'm just acting as a sometime-subcontractor/sometime-flunky for him.  He handles all the contact with the owners.

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