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Touche. You got me there. I just didn't think that it would be relevant, so I didn't mention that I put the new LED on Aruino pin 8 (so ATMega pin 14).

You know, it's funny. Shortly before you replied about the possible wiring issue, I remembered that I've been having another issue with another device. I purchased the parts for an OpenSprinkler device and put it all together last year, and have had problems with it ever since - from time to time it would just 'lock up' and i couldn't ping it or anything. It's driven me nuts for a long time and have not been able to figure it out...I just figured that it's something that I did (like something I broke while soldering everything in place). And I have an VoIP IP (PoE) phone that locks up from time to time. I just chalked the phone's problem to being cheap. But what I recently realized is that all 3 of these devices (the 3rd is my problem device that I'm most currently troubleshooting) are on the same switch - a NetGear 8-port (w/4 PoE ports) switch. So I'm wondering if this switch is bad.

What I did a few minutes ago is take that switch off of my network and moved things around to plug those devices into my other switches. So far, my garage door opener device is working great. (But that's how it usually starts off)

But we'll see, and I'll definitely be posting any updates (good or bad)...


Well that sure didn't last very long. Today my device was having the same problem, right off the bat in the morning so it wasn't even that warm yet. So when I got home from work I tested the cable and it tested fine. I used an STM-8 (http://www.siemon.com/e-catalog/ECAT_GI_page.aspx?GI_ID=tt_stm-8) cable tester. All 8 conductors came back fine with continuity, and no wires were crossed or anything.

The only thing I can think of I can do next is 'modify' my circuit/device even further and wire up an FT232R breakout board (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/718) so that I can hook it up to my laptop in the garage via USB and start outputting to the serial monitor what it's receiving when I attempt to send command to open/close the door from my Android app.

Even if I do this, I wouldn't know what to do next regardless of what I find - if I find that for some reason that characters/packets/whatever are getting dropped, I wouldn't know what to do, or if it appears everything is coming through fine, wouldn't know what to do.

Am I going in the next logical direction though as far as the best thing to do to troubleshoot my problem? Or should I try something else / look elsewhere?


I brought my device into my room, am powering it with  the same power supply (9V purchased from Sparkfun) and I have it on my desk vertically, just like when it's mounted/installed in the garage. (When I did all my testing in my room prior to originally installing into my garage I had it laying flat/horizontally). Should that even matter?

It seemed to work last night flawlessly (of course this was only over the span of a few hours), but I have a feeling it's not going to give me a problem in my room. Are there any other 'variables' that I should be looking out for?


I don't know where you are, or the environment in the garage, but how hot is it in the garage where it is mounted?

Is there a specific time of day it starts to fail?

Just a thought...


I thought the same thing because I didn't start having the problem (had it installed, running successfully with no problems for a couple of months) until we had a really hot week upper 90s Fahrenheit. And I'm sure it's even hotter in my  garage.
(I live in the Bar Area, CA, USA)

However, it gives me trouble in the mornings sometimes too when it is not hot at all - maybe like around the 70s.

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