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Considering the location, how is the humidity in the garage?

How about the mains power in the garage? Any chance that could cause a problem? Like big power-eaters closeby? A/C or the like that would cause voltage spikes or sags?

How about the garage door opener motor? Is that closeby? Maybe a shielded box might help?

There has to be something different if it does ok inside and not in the garage.

Just another few thoughts...

edit: How about the CAT5 cable? Is that run into the house? If the connection breaks, that could cause the ethernet shield code to lock up if not written correctly. Maybe a timeout routine on the connection?


I don't know the humidity in the garage...I think I'm going to stop by and by a thermostat on the way home and install it in the garage.

I'm pretty sure all the big guys - AC, Heater, Furnace are all on separate circuits. The furnace/heater/blower is inside the garage, but I'm pretty sure on a separate circuit. I do have a medium sized freezer inside the garage, but that might be on a different circuit, but I can check when I get home if you think that might be a problem.

I do have a lot of network/phone/security devices running on the same circuit inside the garage however. Would this cause a problem?

Yes, the garage door opener itself (the main unit with motor I guess) is pretty close by, yes. So this could cause a problem even if the motor is not 'spinning'? If so, maybe that's it! How far away does it need to be? When my device is mounted in the garage, it's probably within 12" or less of the actual opener/motor.

No, the CAT5 cable is running to my network equipment within the garage, and I tested it already - tested ok.

Maybe you could elaborate more or send me somewhere that would have more information on the proper code procedure to handle a possible broken connection?


I haven't seen your code, but here is mine.

The first downloads Google home page every 10 seconds, but has no timeout.

Here is the timeout code for the Google code above:

You must put them together. Shouldn't be that difficult. I did it.  ;)


Thanks for the code links...

Any thoughts on my replies to your questions? Particularly the proximity of my device to the actual garage door opener?



It would be best for you to post your code. This is your project, and I don't know how you are doing things. If I can take a look, maybe I can help.

I would test it a piece at a time. Try it in the garage not connected to the motor. Does it still fail? It isn't connected to the motor in the house, is it?

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