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I want to add a wifi shield onto Arduino board for extra freedom (and the Arduino to react based on something retrieved from the Internet and some sensors) (no concrete plan yet).

There are quite a number of wifi shields (some went out of business such as CuHead). A fairly new shield based on WiFly RN-171 appeared in seeedstudio, looks promising.

I'd like to buy a wifi shield soon that is not (too) difficult to program, probably low-power too.

Grateful if you can share with me your experience and recommendation. Many thanks.



maybe you can consider the idea of use a router with openwrt instead a shield..it's more cheaper and powerful than an arduino, and similar to pc with terminal interface only...
for example, this router http://www.dealextreme.com/p/tp-link-703n-ultra-mini-portable-3g-802-11b-g-n-150mbps-wifi-wireless-router-light-blue-white-102903


I am considering the Hydrogen:


It uses the GainSpan module which can be an access point ans supports other advanced features. It uses the Arduino's UART, but I am pretty sure it can be made to use other pins for serial communication, so you can use SoftwareSerial if you like. I wish it could support SPI or I2C!


thanks to m_ri for the clever solution of using a cheap external wifi router. But it seems to the right time to buy a wifi shield.

the 'Hydrogen' shield is an interesting one.

For the use of RX/TX to talk in a wifi shield, is 'speed' the only drawback ? (when compared to SPI, IIC for example).



Just found that all shields and breakout modules can be categorized by the chip:
1. Microchip (many from China)
2. GainSpan (GS1011 or earlier)
3. Roving Networks (RN-171 or earlier)
4. WIZnet (e.g. dfrobot)
5. cannot figure out the chip on async_labs.

    Apparently, GainSpan has great documentation in their website and it can support ad hoc wifi network.
    Users please share your experience --
is ad hoc wifi supported by other chips?
(for GainSpan) if ad hoc wifi network is supported in Arduino's wifi libraries ?
if not, is it too wishful that it will be supported in near future?


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