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Hello -

I want to interface the Xbee Shield to a Polulu Orangutan LV-168.  What shield pins do I need to connect to the Orangutan?  Shield Pins 0/1 (RX/TX), GND, and AREF?  I'm a newb to this so I may have made a wrong assumption that led me to buy the Xbee Shield.  Since it has a 3.3v regulator, can I connect 5v to the shield?  And does that 5v come into the Shield board on the AREF pin?  If not, how does the shield get powered?

thanks much


http://www.arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/XbeeShieldSchematic.pdf here is the schematic. If you look at the pins on an arduino you can see which pins get connected to what. The arduino site has plenty of info on both.


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Hi -
Thanks for your quick reply.  That schematic is (I think) v1.1 of the shield and I have v2.0.  Though probably no diff in what I'm asking about.

But you're right, I should be able to see what from the Arduino connects to what on the shield.  But that's why I'm posting the question, it's not obvious to a newb.  

The shield has 16 pins across the top that line up with the digital pins of the arduino and then 6 that line up with analog. (see img below).  And then 6 more that connect to the ICSP.

Pins 0/1 connect to rx/tx.  Gnd lines up with gnd.  I'm unclear on where the shield gets power.  The only thing that I can see is AREF which is analog ref.  Is this what powers the shield?  I think AREF is by default 5v.



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You should only need to connect the tx/rx pins and power. The shield takes power and provides a reset button from the ICSP (In-Circuit Serial Programming) connector.
On the shield next to the ICSP connector there are a couple of holes marked GND and 5V you can solder a 2 pin header into if that would be any easier.

An alternative to the shield is the XBee Adapter kit from adafruit. It's a nicer form factor to deal with if you don't need a shield.

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