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I'm trying to make some t-shirts with LED animations. These animations should switch from one t-shirt to another for a while and then each t-shirt should exibit its own animation again.
To do that I'm using an arduino linked to an Xbee on each t-shirt. I would like to use a LilyPad arduino instead of the common arduino, but I don't know if it will work properly with the Xbee.
Can you help me? Have you ever tried to connect a LilyPad with a Xbee? Did
it work?
Do you think it's possible to make that connection?



There is also Rob Faludi's LilyPad sew-on ZigBee board that makes it easy to connect the board on clothes, but I guess it's not on sale anywhere yet.

It should work just like with the normal Arduino.


On sale now at Sparkfun but they are currently out of stock.


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