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Hello everyone.
I am trying to make two arduinos diecimila communicate via the Xbee shield modules. From what I have understood, in order for the xbee shield to act as a transmitter the microcontroller from the arduino board has to be removed.
Does anyone know if the microcontroller has to be soldered out from the board, or can it be simply pulled out? Also is there any other way to simply override the microcontroller?



If the chip is in a socket you can carefully pry it out. Work slowly from both ends and don't force anything. If the chip is soldered in directly don't bother trying to remove it, just buy an arduino with a removable chip.


I do not have the Xbee shield but I think you are confusing the situation. First read the Xbee shield pages carefully again:


and I also highly recommend the Tom Igoe book, Making Things Talk.

My understanding is that the jumpers on the shield control communications with the computer that is hooked up to the USB connector on the Arduino. The microcontroller is removed only to configure the Xbee itself from the computer. Once the Xbee is configured, and the Arduino has a sketch uploaded to firmware (and this is done on both Arduinos and shields) there should be no reason to remove the microcontroller. The Xbee transmission in its simplest form can act as a wireless serial link between the Arduinos.

But I am also new to this - as I suggested, get the book.


Hi, thanks for your replies, i finally managed to pull the microcontroller out. As Franklin mentioned it HAS to be pried out slowly from both ends...

Thanks again.

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