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Hi,  I am controlling the position of two servo's, (say A and B)

Let's say servo A and B both start at 1000ms position:


I want to be able to add to the position incrementally every second so say servo A starts at 1000 and moves 100ms every second and servo B starts at 1000 and moves 10ms every second.

I know I have to define two values, add to them every pass, then send that value to the servo position but I am slightly unsure on how to code this.

I think it is something like this:

Int APulse;
Int BPulse;

Void setup() {

APulse = 1000;
BPulse = 1000;

Void loop() {


(this is the bit I don't understand, adding to APulse, BPulse by 100ms and 10ms, then feeding it back in
To the next loop)

Delay 1000; delays by a second then back around again.


From looking into example code I am assuming I need to use the map command but don't quite understand it.



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Break it down into several, smaller problems -- you need to:

1) Measure the passing of time (so you can do something once every second)
2) Change a value
3) Write the changed value

So, consider the following pseudo-code and go from there..

Code: [Select]

if currentTime - lastTime greater than threshold
      increment value
      write to motor
      set lastTime to now

To change the value in a variable, just set its new value - you can even use its old value to set it, e.g.:

Code: [Select]

  var1 = var1 + 10;

The scope of the variable determines its life...  If you declare it global (outside of a function), any changes you make are global, you can access it again from anywhere else, e.g.:

Code: [Select]

int foo = 1;

void setup() {

void loop() {

  foo = foo + 1;



Code: [Select]

Void loop() {


/* (this is the bit I don't understand, adding to APulse, BPulse by 100ms and 10ms, then feeding it back in
To the next loop) */


You can use:
Code: [Select]

   APulse = APulse + 100;
   BPulse = BPulse + 10;

Or the shorthand version:
Code: [Select]

   APulse += 100;
   BPulse += 10;

You may want to add code for what to do when you reach 2000.
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Thankyou both very much. Very helpful and a lot simpler than I thought.

All the best


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