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I got an idea the other day when I saw an automatic bubble blowing machine.

I think it would be nice to make this remote controlled and add the fun blowing back in the game.

Blow into fan/pipe > Arduino 1 reads sensor and sends data to Arduino 2 via wireless (RF, Wifi, bluetooth etc).
Arduino 2 starts spinning wheel with bubble-holes and a fan that focues its output through the holes. ==> Bubbles come out at a remote location.

The bubble machine shouldn't be much of an issue but how do I take a reading from someone blowing into a hole or a fan?
My first thought was to use a motor and use it's voltage output as a sensor reading but I'm a bit worried that I might break the Arduino with high currents or voltages?

My second thought is using a rotary encoder, but then I guess I would have to find one that moves freely enough to be able to move with wind force alone.

Any help on how to make a wind/blow sensor would be greatly appreciated.


The device you are looking for is called an "Anemometer"


You could also use a pressure sensor, but that would require the user to seal their lips around the sensor, which could pose hygiene problems.


Thank you. The second link had quite a few good resources regarding home built Anemometers.
I think I even might have some or most of the parts needed.

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