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I don't see a good case for why they didn't give the Due a whole new shield footprint to work with?

I really don't think there is one. I suspect this decision to continue with the "legacy" shield footprint for the "Due" will be recognised in hindsight to be a significant blunder, as well as an opportunity lost.

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I've been arguing for ages that the current backplane arrangement leaves a lot to be desired and when I first heard about the Due I hoped there would be a change. No such luck.

I guess it's hard to orphan 500+ existing shields, but if some/many/most of them won't work anyway it doesn't matter.

I think that "How many will work?" is the $64 question.

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As I just mentioned this is the first board with the SAM3X we're going to release so there is plenty of opportunities to create different layouts (as a matter of fact we have a new layout we've been playing with for a while)

I think there is a lot of people who prefer to re-use as much as possible of what they currently have before they have to throw everything away.. Our current Eth and Wifi shields, to mention two, work with the Due as they are able to detect and adapt to the whatever voltage the main board is operating at.

Making the board 5v tolerant would have made the it way too expensive. The market is now full of heavily subsidised (even sold at loss...) products that make it quite difficult to fight these battles.

The beauty of open source is that in a few days time you will be able to download the Arduino Due eagle file, design a much better layout and sell your own boards  benefiting from our lack of vision :)

we introduced the R3 layout a long time ago and we explained why the IOREF pin is there... some people understood and implemented the correct measures to make their shields compatible, some others didn't ... you'll see a lot more shields made available with the full implementation of R3



The due is a completely new hardware platform which needs a new toolchain. From the video's I have seen on this subject I learned that the new Arduino IDE has been optimized to support more toolchains. As you may know I have developed a Arduino eclipse plugin that uses the Arduino IDE toolchain. When the due comes out I will change this to "a arduino eclipse pllugin that supports multiple toolchains".
As such I am very interested in how you support "configuring a toolchain in the new arduino IDE". I assume this is done based on an additional hardware folder that contains it's own boards.txt file.
I also assume that this boards.txt fie has been extended to allow to identify which toolchain must be used and which options must be set for which tool.
I would love to get a description of the new boards.txt. I have been searching but didn't find anything on this subject yet.
Can you point me to a description that would allow me to take the right decisions to implement "toolchain selection based on Arduino IDE info" in eclipse?

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Next week we release IDE v 1.5  and there will be a blog post discussing some of the internals of the new version.


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