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Massimo Banzi

unfortunatly the courier from europe to australia is going to expensive... We're not ripping you off.. they are.
We have distributors around the world to alleviate this problem.
I think that accusing us of "daylight robbery" is unfair.

As I said before we can't use the postal shipping because there are way too many packages that get "lost". since there is no way to track then efficently in many countries, we had to ship boards multiple times.



MOUSER_EMBEDDED.......nice work. I actually ordered mine from you last night. Great prices too!!


pYro_65..........Sedonia Technologies has them in Australia, but currently out of stock. Maybe check with them to see if you can get on a wait list.

AU $48 +gst



Little Bird has them listed as well. 0 stock of course but maybe when they open tomorrow.

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


Mouser Australia will ship once they get them in for $88 AUD including shipping.  They will let you order now and just have them backordered so that yours will ship once they are received. Most places won't even let you order till they get them in stock.

Mouser has great prices on all the Arduino stuff. Got my Mega for under $40.

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