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unfortunatly the courier from europe to australia is going to expensive... We're not ripping you off.. they are.
We have distributors around the world to alleviate this problem.
I think that accusing us of "daylight robbery" is unfair.

As I said before we can't use the postal shipping because there are way too many packages that get "lost". since there is no way to track then efficently in many countries, we had to ship boards multiple times.


But if courier charges are more than the cost of the board, you could lose half of them and still be ahead of
courier rates.
What percentage of your packages going to Australia are actually "lost"?

You could let the buyers to assume the risk loss for using postal shipping.

--- bill


Anyone see any US retailers that have them for sale?


I don't know about in stock, but Mouser has them at $38 and they will back order it for you.


Adafruit has them up now, but no stock either.


Mouser Australia will ship once they get them in for $88 AUD including shipping.

Ouch! That's nearly $40 for the shipping.

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