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We're not ripping you off.. they are.
We have distributors around the world to alleviate this problem.


I think that accusing us of "daylight robbery" is unfair.

I think it is UPS rather than Arduino.cc who are being accused of daylight robbery. And I think it is a fair accusation - people quoting the UPS shipping charges should realise that this is not the end of the story. UPS will show up at your door asking for more money (local sales and import duties, calculated on goods and shipping) plus a substantial 'brokerage fee'.


I just checked out the US postal website and a small flat rate box (Priority Mail International) from US to Australia is $16.95 USD.


I show an estimated ship date of 12/3/12 on my mouser order, but they are going to try and firm that up. As of right now they have 13 available to purchase on their initial stock order of 25.

That US postal shipping info was with a delivery of 6-10 business days and no tracking or insurance available at this price. As soon as you add the tracking and insurance it jumps to roughly $40


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Ouch! That's nearly $40 for the shipping.

Ouch indeed.

I'm not too worried about waiting for the dust to settle on all of this to check out my options. I've got a couple of Teensy 3.0 on the way to play with to scratch any near-term Cortex-3/4 itches -- I always like to have a spare of a new dev board I'm working with on hand, to see if it's a hardware error (i.e., I've blown up the board) or a software error (keep looking at code and pulling out hair...)

I've also got a cubieboard on order and I've just taken delivery of another Raspberry Pi (one of the new ones with the 512MB RAM). So I'm likely to be busy for a while with new toys of the ARM persuasion in any case.

Paul still had some Teensies in stock last time I looked, if anyone simply MUST have their ARM fix NOW...  :smiley-mr-green:
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unfortunatly the courier from europe to australia is going to expensive... We're not ripping you off.. they are.
We have distributors around the world to alleviate this problem.
I think that accusing us of "daylight robbery" is unfair.

As I said before we can't use the postal shipping because there are way too many packages that get "lost". since there is no way to track then efficently in many countries, we had to ship boards multiple times.


Yes, maybe my words were a bit strong for what I intended, I've been waiting to do testing on a large Arduino specific library for almost 10 months now, held off buying other 32bit arm & avr boards like the Olimex. If the estimated postal price was released a year ago, I would not have bothered waiting. The clones will flood in soon.

I would have been happy accepting some risk, also maybe some sarcasm was lost in translation, for that price I'd expect it to be delivered at gun point.

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