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Most places are showing about a 10-12 week lead time on chip only orders. I'm sure Atmel will see a rise in demand very shortly.


I went to Atmel's "Technology on Tour" training today, which was essentially an introduction to Atmel Studio and the Atmel Software Framework (pay $99, get a JTAG ICE3 and a xmega a3bu Xplained board.  good deal.)  (also, the training was pretty good.)

AS/ASF has a "quick start" mode where you can set up a project based on a bunch of pre-defined "boards" (like the xplained boards.

One of the pre-defined boards is the Arduino Due...


One of the pre-defined boards is the Arduino Due...

Well it's nice to know the support of the two organizations is a two-way street.


I'm a little disappointed in Mouser Electronics. They jumped the price of their Due boards from $36 to $48. Not that $48 is too high I was just really looking forward to the same great deal I got on my first board........or maybe I just was able to take advantage of a mistake before they caught it. ;)


It was a mistake, sorry.  Great news though, the first 100 Dues shipped out from our warehouse today so if you were one of the lucky designers who got it on order that first 1-3 days, it should be on its way!  Another 100 - 150 should ship in the first week of December (or sooner if we can help it).  Enjoy and let us know how you like them!

- Tim

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