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Hello :)

I'm trying to create a passive art project using some sort of stepper motor (preferably These ones, though other options may work).

My only problem is that steppers quite often generate a tone, roughly proportional to the speed of the motor. How can I reduce this noise? Even moving the motor painfully slowly generates an audible sound. Can reducing the amperage help? (the instillation doesn't require much torque)

Any help or solutions would be great :)



Stepper noise can be reduced by increasing the step rate, so that the motors turn almost continuously. This requires some research and proper handling of the derived achievable step acceleration. You may be better off with ordinary geared DC motors, which run quite silently and need no special precautions against lost steps.


Thanks for your reply.
I need accurate motion, so DC motors are essentially out of the picture. Servos maybe, but the range is a bit bigger than servos can handle, I think.
For me, increasing the step rate has not really helped -- a 1x microstep setting sounds pretty identical to a 16x microstepping setup!


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If you can't hear a difference between normal stepping and microstepping, it is very likely that the current limit on your driver is not set correctly.  The limiter must be set so that it is limiting at all times, and of course your motor power supply must be more than adequate.

By the way, high quality DC motors with encoders can vastly outperform steppers in both accuracy and smoothness of operation, but they aren't cheap.


Can you hide the steppers so they are in a sound proofed container.

Not sure how you want to use the stepper.
You can get electric motors and encoders that would be quieter but if you are multi-turning, the encoders begin to become very expensive (absulute encoders), they also require more software and I/O.

Tom.. :)
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I noticed there is a driver board named SilentStepStick or TMC2100 from Trinamic. There are quite a few videos showing it.


I join @blimpyway with the silent stepper drivers.
The quirky sound of steppers is normally NOT caused by the stepper itself. It is the frequency and the waveform  of the voltage/current which the driver applies to the stepper.

The Trinamic guys have developed the silent stepper drivers to address this issue.
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