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Anyone here who can help me. I'm having problem with the connections as well as the program on my thesis. Can you help me? I'm new to Arduino that's why I badly need your help. Thanks a lot to those who can help me out.



first. be logical, 

don't rule something out because you do not know how to do it.   
better to first give an overview of the goal with your proposed needs.  

create a list of what order you think the steps will need to be.
then revise and add more detail.  repeat, repeat, repeat

you have at least 1 sensor, 1 motorized output, 1 audio or visual output and 1 SMS

the first three can be done in unison as one program.
adding the SMS should be straight forward.

as for this group,
get this far, then post the code that does not work (you may get it work without any help)

once we see the code you come up with, we can help you with what you need.


oh, and post questions about code in the programming section of this forum : )


There are many people who watch the gauge.   there are multiple ways to do that.
if the float has a manget or a wahser, you can have a dozen hall sensors and the hightest output is the tank level.
if you have a needle, you can reflect a LED to a sensor to get a reading.  

simplistically, you can have it show at 1/4 tank or less to tell you to get it filled.

Another way is to monitor time of the solenoid of the heater.
number of hours that is open will directy relate to the amount used.
just need to reset when you get a fill.
data log and you can have fun over time.

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