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I'm sorry but it's very expensive.

Do you think this one is ok??


Don't know, am not familiar with it.
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Do you think this one is ok??
I have used a board exactly like that one.  They are very easy to use, but the drawback is that the LCD screen uses a large number of the Arduino pins.  If you check out the datasheet you will see that seven of the digital pins are taken by the shield.  It does use a single analog pin for the buttons via. a voltage divider.

Adafruit make an I2C kit for a 16x02 LCD display which only needs 2 pins, but it is a bit more expensive and you will need to solder it yourself.  You can also get it as a separate backpack which is a bit cheaper.

You could also move up to a Mega which has lots more pins.

As I said in a previous post:

Before considering shields, look at all the components that you will need and plan how you are going to fit them together.  If you want an LCD screen, you might consider an LCD shield that also has buttons on it as that saves a lot of wiring  and makes your user interface look neat (but does use a lot of pins on the Arduino unless you use an I2C version).

Perhaps post back with what you think the solution looks like and what components you are considering.


Thank you so much for all your anwsers !!!

I will buy those components :
-LCD screen with buttons
-Arduino mega 2560 r3
-sound detector
-SD slot

I hope it will work and i will program it as i would like  :)

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