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I wonder if folks have found useful combos of off-the-shelf parts for "finishing" Arduino projects.

Specifically, it seems like a hard drive enclosure is a good starting point-- standoffs and and easily drillable/Dremelable front and back plates-- and I/O connectors are standard enough, but I keep looking for (and not finding) a lit LCD display with a few lit buttons.

The closest things I've found are PC status panels that mount in spare drive bays like this:
But, I just want the display+buttons PCB and mounting plate.

I want to focus on designing a circuit and UI, not finding a new case to perfectly fit every project.

Any suggestions of vendors or specific parts would be most appreciated!



Well it really depends on the purpose of the device and what enviroment it will have to work in. However I've had luck with using 'tuberware type' storage bowls for small battery powered test equipment. They come in all kinds of sizes and shapes. They seal well.
I find them in thrift stores for under $1 each. I usually mount everything to the removable lid and just use the 'container space' for battery space if used.

Good luck

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