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When I look at the sizes of everything in my arduino-source file, it looks like this:
Code: [Select]

4.0K    .classpath
4.0K    .gitignore
4.0K    .project
4.0K    readme.txt
12K     todo.txt
40K     license.txt
1.3M    libraries
1.4M    hardware
3.5M    core
13M     app
85M     build
980M    .git
1.1G    .

So. There's less than 15MB of source code, including all the images required. Okay, that's great. There's 85MB of built stuff. Okay, I know executables take up a bit of space. But then I look at the biggest part -- 980 MB just for the .git folder? That's just crazy. When I download the arduino source to patch it, I don't need 7 years' worth of history to come along with it, especially since it is by far the biggest file in my /home directory.

I'm not sure how to do it (perhaps start a new repo and only include things <1 year old), but that .git directory needs to shrink.


Git sucks gonads, and the person who thought it up needs stringing up by theirs.

What's wrong with good old CVS?  Or, if you want to be posh, SVN?


Try "git clone depth=1" - I'm not an expert on git, but google is your friend.

Generally, I find a DVCS pretty useful when messing around with small, tricky
projects; git's kind of a pain, but Mercurial is pretty easy to use for the limited
stuff I use it for.  (Personally, I'd also avoid CVS and SVN unless gunpoints
were involved ...)



Try "git clone depth=1" - I'm not an expert on git, but google is your friend.

Ah, perfect. That's an excellent workaround; thank you.

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