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OK, I think I'm decided now: I'm going to press on with the third (1997) edition of the C++ book and stick to the 98 standard for the moment.

Thanks for all the input and interesting info.


If you are interested in a true object-oriented platform for Arduino you could take a look at Cosa: http://forum.arduino.cc//index.php?topic=150299.0

Cosa has an adapter pattern for LCD device that makes adding an LCD really easy. If the LCD controller is HD44780 or compatible there is already a number of access adapters.



So, Arduino is not even C99, only C98?

Note, I said C++-98, not C99.  While they share a lot of common things, and C++ is mostly a superset of C, they are different languages.  Arduino uses C++ for the IDE files, not C.

The C++ standard that avr-gcc supports is the 1998 C++ standard, though I believe it does not invoke the C++ compiler in strict standards compliance mode.

I haven't been keeping track of the C standards compliance with GCC since leaving the C standards process (I work on the GCC backend), but in C mode, I would expect the 4.3.2 compiler to support C90 fully, and a few things from C99.


Thanks again, both of you, for putting me straight!

Cosa does look interesting and well documented, especially with its LCD driver. But I also know my limits - it might have to wait until I've got a slightly(!) better grasp of the C++ fundamentals!

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