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Finding that chip with a bootloader is hard because very, very, very few people use them as a standalone chip.  The DIP package is almost universally preferred. 
Sounds like a potential business opportunity for you if you figure out an easy way to program them - you might sell 3-5 of them a year...


"3-5 of them a year"

Yes, most just program them via the pins on the board.
Doesn't need to be a dedicated header,  you just need to be able to wire from the programmer to the 6 needed pins.

Look at a Promini - no programming header, just the pins: D13,12,11, +5, Gnd, Reset.
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[font=Verdana]Hi CrossRoads,

Yes, I think I will do as you say. I mean: be able to have access later to those 6 pins without dedicated header. It is always wise having access to these pins if the chip will be soldered on the PCB. 

Thanks for pointing out this.


I have no intension to place a 3x2 header on the PCB

You don't need to solder the header, just have the holes. You just press the header against the holes when you burn the bootloader.


Hi - I program QFP-32s here, never thought there would be a demand for bootloaded QFP 328's. I think i've got 2 left (I'll check the workshop tomorrow) and a few 8s as well, I'm going to order a few more tomorrow. Any-one who needs them, or wants me to bootload them just PM me.
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