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I was wondering if I wanted to make a complex robot, what would be some pros and cons of using ARM over Arduino?

Leon Heller

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Much higher performance, more I/Os, more peripherals, debugger, and more memory.
Leon Heller


If you are building a spider type robot, a bunch of ARMS won't be very useful.


I think an ARM would be better although it depends on how complex your robot will be. That said most current robots seem to do well with an AVR chip.

If you're willing to wait you can have both, an Arduino and an ARM if th eDue gets released.

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


A brief list of pros/cons

Cons vs AVR
- larger code (but you tend to have more flash available)
- often higher cost
- 3v vs 5v outputs
- lower current outputs
- many existing libraries won't work
- less knowledge base on using "arduino" environment on non AVR chips.

Pros vs AVR
- 32 bit
- MUCH faster
- more RAM
- No more harvard architecture worries and having to deal with things like progmem etc...

If you want to use an Arduino environment you can use the Chipkit (MIPS processor)
or Maple (ARM) now rather than wait on the DUE.
The nice thing about the Chipkit development environment (mpide) is that it is designed to support
multiple processors.
So you can use both the AVR processors and the MIPS processors with the same single environment
and IDE.

The Maple uses its own IDE that is only for the Maple.

While not all the libraries work on the Chipkit or Maple as some of them are hard coded for AVR
(the DUE will have the same issues) it is available today vs ????? for the DUE.

--- bill

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