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Topic: NEED OF HELP!!!! CAN I USE MY 5VOLT CNC OUTPUT AS SENSOR! (Read 776 times) previous topic - next topic


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if there is somebody out there that can help me...

Two knocks for yes and one knock for no.
It looks like the spirit world is your only hope if you don't post your code because only they will be able to see it and see your error.


i have a cnc oxygen fuel machine that have a solenoid valve that hook up in cnc out. when my cnc machine trigger to open the solenoid valve the output give 5 volts to open that valve.

my question is can i use this 5volt as sensor to arduino uno.


I wonder where the freewheel diode is for that solenoid valve?  It may be that somewhat more than 5V is appearing on that output as a result.  I'd suggest taking the precaution of connecting the solenoid valve output to the Arduino pin via a 10k resistor - it will then be safe against moderate over-voltage pulses.
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