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So do the best of both worlds and run it off 3 x AA cells rated at 4.5 volts.  From the previous graph it would be capable of operating at virtually top speed.  If all you have is a 4-way AA cell holder you can install a dummy cell in place of cell No4.. This can be as simple as a piece of wood with a jumper wire to connect +ve and -ve poles together.  If you don't fancy wood then use a "dead" cell and again install a jumper wire or alternatively simply install a jumper between the contacts that would normally connect to the + and - ends of cell No4


I'd guess that whatever config of AA's you use, if you drop .7v with something like a 1n4004 in series, you'd be in the 5.5v safe range.
An LDO regulator is nicer though, but a higher parts count and cost after you add bypass caps(s).


What happens if I use less than 5v and something like this http://www.sparkfun.com/products/341 ?

Bro, It's only 3.7v. But you have the right idea. Do some battery research. Didn't you say that you needed more than 250mA? Just ger a 9v NiMh  rechargeable battery from Radio Shack or Office Depot along with an LM 7805 and be done with it. Do that, and I'm sure anybody will be happy to help you wire it. And there are already tons of tutorials about it anyway.

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