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Hi community,

I'm a starter in this world of eletronic automation, so please, don't be rude if i ask something wrong here, alright? Well, my idea is connect a Android mini PC (link here) on a Arduino controller and use android as a processor unit and graphical interface of my automation project... as this piece have more hardware and possibilites.

My project is automate my air-conditioning, room lights, some led display... and using android as processor unit and graphical unit i can control it via wifi or ir controller.

My questions are simple  :)

1.) It will work as expected, and, this is correct?
2.) What Arduino should i buy?
3.) Whats your opinion of it?

Remember that is a educational project, i don't plan to make money on it, of course.

You can use the browser from your Android phone to control the Arduino, but you must develop your own php code.
See my website http://ediy.com.my/index.php/blog/item/22-php-control-arduino-with-tp-link-tl-wr1043nd-router which the Arduino is connecting to the wireless router usb port.
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