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My son is autistic so blinds are a no-no & I am going to be putting up curtains & he likes to get up @ a certain time of the day, so I was curious if someone can let me know if an arduino w/ a real time clock breakout board will be able to trigger a set of DC motors to open & close the curtains @ certain times of the day, along w/ a momentary switch to do it manually of coarse.  This is just an idea @ the moment so any help would be great.
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Yes this would be perfectly possible.
1) If it is triggered at a certain time it would not correspond to the external light level. Would he be OK with that?
2) Would he be OK with the whole concept of not being in control?


A simple blind control setup from a long time back. The servo controlled the part of the blind that tilted the slats (didn't raise the blind up/down).

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