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Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone had any bright ideas (I'm sure you will have!)

A few of us in the office have just been talking about how often our train tickets are affected by other card's magstripes, mobiles etc and stop working.

The tickets are the card type with a magstripe on the back.

Apart from keeping them in a lead lined case (whcih would be a pain on the commute!) can anyone suggest a good way to keep them working?

I realise storing them away from other cards or phones would be the best course of action but sometimes that just isn't possible.

Thanks as always!



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I'd be surprised if it was external influences spoiling all of the cards. ┬áIt's probably just poorly maintained readers or cheap cards.  Can't really think of a practical way of shielding a wallet from magnetic fields that wouldn't make your trousers hang lower than Snoop Dog's.
If your system involves lethal voltages/life critical/flamable elements - you probably shouldn't need to ask.
The Arduino != PC.


Can't really think of a practical way of shielding a wallet from magnetic fields that wouldn't make your trousers hang lower than Snoop Dog's.

Hahaha!  ;D
Made my day!

OT: Unfortunantly Easty, neither can I.


Line it with thin brass mesh, not much weight too it :)

James C4S

Store your ticket in your wallet upside down.  
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Copy the ticket and write it back (when it gets whiped)?  :P


Thanks everyone, I'm going to try baggy trousers and if that doesn't work the mesh!


Mu metal?
Works (a little bit) for CRT oscilloscopes.
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Have you tried wrapping it in baking foil ?  Like brass and lead it won't stop static magnetic fields but it will minimise induced currents from variable fields (body scanners, electric motors etc)

Have you ever tried watching a compass whilst on the tube.  You'd be amazed at the varying field as the motors are switched.  Yes, it takes a sad person to "discover" that effect.  Just happened to wonder what direction we were heading in and my compass was swinging all over the place, even when the train wasn't changing direction.


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