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Nick Gammon

How have you connected it, hardware-wise?

From the datasheet I found:

Output TTL level , 0V ~ 2.85V

I'm wondering if, electrically, it is matching up.

Maybe the logic levels are inverted, the datasheet is a bit vague on that point.


i thought about it.
But how do i check it or how do i invert it?


Hmm- I can't get the sheet to open from USGlobalsat.  But the board I have from them runs at 4800 baud, default- might be worth a quick try just to see...



4800 gets almost same result

Nick Gammon

Can you post a link to a datasheet that describes the requirements in detail? Like, logic levels, whether a 1 is 0V, 5V, -5V and so on?

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