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May want to try this:
Add a 10uF cap between the reset pin and ground on the Uno board.

From what I think I remember reading in the past this keeps the board from resetting on com port usage? What did you have in mind with this for this situation? Thanks!


Long shot, but maybe some of the interference is triggering the auto-reset circuit.


Thanks for the suggestion, I tried it for kicks with the same results. Just the contactor coil even causes arduino resets when switching off the load.

I really want to say it's being reset because the arduino drops the outputs without logic or input to do so and prints this in the serial monitor:

"Water TýSystem Initialized"

It's sort of a half baked between Water Tank, and my serial begin printLN "System Initialized".

What else could cause this to happen if not a ripple in the supply? If the DC supply was perfect with no dip, are there any other things that can cause the uno to show that?


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These EMC problems are hard to debug!

Here's some possible help from http://arduinoinfo.info


I think you need transient suppression across that solenoid coil.  A MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) would be good.  A series combination of resistor-capacitor may work.  Try .1 uf (rated at 400V or more) in series with 47 ohms to start...
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Also I tried a new arduino for kicks, mostly because I wanted a second one and needed an excuse. Same things but I kind of expected that. My problems still lie within the system as a whole.

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