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Hi need HELP I have a "L298N Module" and I'll like to wire it to the "Arduion Sensor Sheild V5"  which sits on a "Sainsmart MEGA 2560" I hope I explain this good LOL... oh almost forgot I have four motors wire to the L289N Module... any help will be thankful...


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Possible it's subject on   this page
I 'm in doubt - some input are the repeated in some difference connectors, for example, in BT and Wifi connectors inputs D0,D1 are existed. Same D0, D1 are existed in some other connectors.

1.Does it mean, that it's just doubled same wire from D0 to few connectors?

2.If it, as above, does it mean, that if I use BT connection to this shield, I cant insert wifi connector momentarily to Wi-fi connector in shield?

3.Is it right, that in LCD connectors used just standard arduino inputs, just grouped in some order? Or I can just dummy to connect LCD inputs to LCD, and it will show information? Or need to write code, for each pin to output information to LCD? Or  existed LCD library on this site is fit to this set of pins (in serial LCD and Parallel LCD connectors)?

4.how can I read some variables  values without LCD, just on computer screen, over standard USB port (same, as for I use for boot loader) for example, value from supersonic sensor measurement - which library or sketch can I see for my study, and in which program on PC will be seen it's output from this variable?

5.for example, if i find topic and library in this link and it says about arduino uno pins 13&12, can i be sure that A0,A1 on shield in Ultrasonic connector will be the same? Because on shield D12 & D13 existed too?
And which inputs number need i adressing in my sketches - as write in shield or in arduino board notation?

I'm in very doubt.
Will be acknoledged for any help.

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