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The first part # posted has an EL backlight...  but an inverter is only $3.00 -  $6.00

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Also look carefully at the side of the display.
Often with displays that don't have a backlight you can see under it all the way through
the long ways.

You're right, there is a gap all the way across between the lcd and the circuit board.

So there's no backlight. Now does that mean there is no EL backlight as well? I don't know the difference.

Or would I need to do something like this:
(See attachment)

I think I got my answer here:


Without looking directly, it's hard to tell for sure but from the photos so far, it looks like
there is no backlight.

Attached a blue backlight panel that uses an EL backlight.
You can see the EL layer sticking out on the right and it is soldered
to the PCB.

I've also looked at 3 other glcds and a few non glcds that use LED backlights.
(I attached two other glcds with LCD backlights)
In all cases - even those that have the backlight attachments on the side vs
on the header, the backlight has connections that are soldered to the PCB.
On the ones where the backlight has to be powered from connections on the side,
there the 4 holes. The backlight uses the two inner holes and the wires for power to the backlight use
the outer holes.

In the photos in reply #8 and #28 there is nothing soldered to the backlight connections
on the PCB.

So my suspicion at this point is that there is no backlight.

--- bill


Ok, that makes it very obvious. Thank you for posting those.

Alrighty then. On to soldering this onto a pcb. A new adventure awaits. =)

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