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OK when you said a wall I was thinking of something that separates rooms.

If that red material is indeed tape coated foil then yes it will stop IR. However, the IR emitter is very close and you could well be getting reflections off the bench and into the bottom of the tube.

Thanks for the link on the ball, that helps a lot. You should be running the ball in mode D, that will give you 33 pulses per burst. The TSOP1140 requires between 6 and 60 pulses to work correctly.

The chip is directional so you can reduce sensitivity by pointing. Failing that you can use IR absorbing material. You can but these or experiment with plastics you find. A lot of opaque plastics are transparent to IR. On the other hand glass is opaque to IR.
However you do need that decoupling R and C before you do anything else.

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