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Hello Everyone
I decided to remove the LCD Screen from a Samusung A707 that broke and see if I can make it work. So is it possible to make this LCD display work with Arduino? Or should I look for other LCD displays like the ones found in NOKIA phones?  I've done some research and found the Datasheet and some other information.

LCD Display:  DT024BTFT

Manufacture: Displaytech Ltd.

Driver: Ilitek ILI9340

DataSheet: http://www.displaytech.com.hk/upload/fast_find/attachment/5453-dt024btft-v10.pdf

Any information is appreciated, thanks.


Your arduino should have no problem dealing with it, presuming that you can find a datasheet for it and you don't need very fast refresh rates.

The lcd can use serial input, making the wiring much simpler.

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