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Oliver, does this line need replacing for u8_glib?
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M2tk m2(&el_main_menu, m2_es_arduino, m2_eh_4bs, m2_gh_lc);

Yes: Please replace m2_gh_lc with m2_gh_u8g_bf (or one of the other u8g graphics handler)

Regarding the compile problem:
The latest version of m2tklib for u8glib is here:
U8glib requires another download (only for AVR - none Arduino - there is a combined zip)

Usually the best is to remove the old m2tklib folder and unzip the version above.



Ah yes, new library means everything has compiled.


Time for me to kick menubackend out of my prog. I'm not convinced it's working properly given the problems I've had with it.

Time to read up on m2tklib at http://code.google.com/p/m2tklib/wiki/


Time to read up on m2tklib at http://code.google.com/p/m2tklib/wiki/

After all the threads, i see that a menu lib is difficult to handle (also i think it has a simple concept). I did my best to add tutorial pages to the wiki, but i also see that there is still a lot of discussion required. I am not sure how to improve this. Let me know if something is missing... and do not hestitate to ask directly...



dannix, I had the same problem, built a huge menu, couldnt get it to work, and now turning to this option. Seems like it has much more functionality just trying to learn how to use its features

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