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I guess you have to chalk that one up to just being unlucky.

Good to hear you got it working though.



Hi Guys

I have been having problems with reading the time on my ds1370 and your discussion may be pointing to a fault on my rtc module. 

When Initally setting the time, I was able to get it close to the computers clock just by resetting the Arduino 2 seconds before my preset time.

I can Set and initally Read the ds1370 ok using code similar to the Wire only code listed in this discussion. When I disable the clock setting  code so that it only reads the time, it is always 19 seconds slow. This discrepency is constant over several days. I have tried several sketches to read the time, including one from the Arduino Cookbook and the result is always; about 19 seconds slow

I found it intresting that your problem involved about the same 19 seconds that mine is slow by.  I think I will have to get another RTC module.



I just got a tinyRTC v1.1 and reworked the code to help anyone that is having a problem with ebay boards

I've attached the library entries and the sketch please use it and share if anyone is having issues with this board.

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