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Thanks.  I have the docs but shall have to read them again.
Just now I am working on my next sketch or potted plant watering system.

So the RTC's fixed address is outside the scope of the MCP's scope of addresses.


But then I wonder what happened when I had the library active and ran the example script and I got alternating black/white lines on the LCD.


I want to stop looking soon, but just found this one too:

Our PCF8583 Real-Time Clock Mini Board is the ideal solution to add a real-time clock or counter to your project. The board comes complete with the PCF8583 Real-Time Clock IC from Philips Semiconductor, which can also be used as a counter.

But don't know how good the chip is.

It is I2C bus connected.


Just a clock but I have been super happy with it - the Chronodot from Macetech. It uses the I2C bus and the DS3231. Highly recommended.


I use the Chronodot from MaceTech too.

couldn't be easier.    couldn't be better.

Thanks Macegr for your efforts.

Where can I get a nice discount on a bulk order - 250 units.

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