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Hey Guys,

I spent the last few days coding up a Webserver for the Arduino with the Aim of using several of them for different purposes
throughout my house. So I made the code as generic as possible. I plan on using one to control a HLT (Hot Liquor Tank) on a Brewery,
One for Fermentation Control and one to simply switch on my Coffee Machine remotely but I can think of a multitude of uses if
I can knock up my own boards/enclosures cheap enough.

I grabbed the cheapest parts I could find on eBay so I'm using an Arduino Nano Clone, Enc28J60 Ethernet, Dallas Ds18b20 Temperature Sensor & an LED (to replicate a Solid State Relay - SSR)
You could easily get this sketch working with any Arduino & also a Wiznet w5100 with only a few lines of code change.

Parts - Ethernet Board on the left, Arduino on the Right.

Browser Output (Auto Mode)

Browser Output (Manual Mode)

Source Code ==> http://www.halfluck.com/source/webserver/TempControllerWebServer.ino

Thanks for Looking, Hope others find the code useful

Cheers Rob.


Hey Guys,

My Arduino is still running strong with the above sketch, and I had some time at lunch so I knocked up a Shield and sent it of to get fabbed.
It will allow me to keep everything together and a small footprint (51cmx51cm)
It has screw down Terminals for 4 x SSR's and as many Temperature sensors as I want, a pin header for Ethernet as well which supports both
ENC28J60 & Wiznet Chips & 2 pin headers for each pin on the Arduino.

Cheers Rob.


I end up re-writing my code using a better Ethernet Library (EtherCard)
I'm really happy with how it is running, most of my bits have arrived from china just waiting on the Custom PCB to arrive.

Cheers Rob.


Nice work! :) Thanks for sharing source code.

I'm currently working on a similar solution, but I'm using a web server running Django to control my arduinos. I needed a good example to show how I could use the EtherCard Library.


Jul 24, 2012, 06:49 pm Last Edit: Oct 19, 2012, 07:10 am by warunasanjaya11 Reason: 1
I want know whether Arduino Nano Clone is a USB Microcontroller or not? .Because I found a product in website named http://iteadstudio.com and the product name is Arduino Nano USB Microcontroller v3 (Clone version) .As you mentioned in your description the these words "Arduino" ,"Nano" and "Clone" words are containing in the product name Arduino Nano USB Microcontroller v3 (Clone version). If you mentioned the same product can you please tell me the prize you bought that part and from where you bought it. So I can compare it with the prizes in markets and buy the cheapest one




Yes the Nano is USB. The one on the website you listed is the same as the one I got.

I just grabbed the Nano ($15 inc post) and Ethernet Controller ($5 inc post) from dealextreme, but ebay had similar prices.

Amazing how cheap all this stuff has gotten over the last couple of years.

Cheers Rob.



I really like your project, it has finally got me to understanding some of the programming involved in completing this.

You have changed your sketch from version one, do you have any plans to post the new sketch?

I'd like to compare the two new vs old.

Thanks you have been a great help.



Hey Rich,

Thanks much appreciated.

When I changed the sketch to the Ethercard library I updated it on the link too. So that is latest version.

Still waiting on the Custom PCB to arrive to finish the project.....

Cheers Rob.


Hi looks good - I have a question on the PCB?

Did you order just one? or a few?

What was the cost? including shippping?

And who did it?

I want to get some board made but still not sure of where to get it done. I am in New Zealand.

Also what did you use for the board design?




>> Hi looks good - I have a question on the PCB?

Hello Chris

>> Did you order just one? or a few?

I ordered 3 (the minimal)

>>What was the cost? including shippping?

$5 per square inch for three copies of your design and postage was $5, so If you can fit it on a square inch works out to be ~$3.30 a board

Pricing is here http://oshpark.com/pricing

>>And who did it?

These guys http://oshpark.com/
Great site and very easy to use and deal with.

>I want to get some board made but still not sure of where to get it done. I am in New Zealand.

I am in Australia so not to far :)

>Also what did you use for the board design?

I used Eagle free version


easy enough to use and there is heaps of guides on youtube, instructables etc.



Thanks Rob

Appreciate the quick response



Im having trouble with this ethernet module. What pinout did you use with the jeelabs library.
thanks Michael



Im having trouble with this ethernet module. What pinout did you use with the jeelabs library.
thanks Michael

Hey Michael,

I used :

Arduino ==> Ethernet Controller
2 ==> INT
10 ==> CS
11 ==> SI
12 ==> SO
13 ==> SCK
Reset ==> RST

and +3.3v, Ground

also make sure that you are calling pin 10 at the start of the sketch like os

if (ether.begin(sizeof Ethernet::buffer, mymac, 10) == 0)

Lemme know if you get stuck...

I got the PCB's on friday, soldered it up, put it inside an enclosure and gave it a good run in on the weekend and it works perfectly, very happy, bit of a tight fit inside the enclosure tho!

Cheers Rob.

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