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Yes the Nano is USB. The one on the website you listed is the same as the one I got.

I just grabbed the Nano ($15 inc post) and Ethernet Controller ($5 inc post) from dealextreme, but ebay had similar prices.

Amazing how cheap all this stuff has gotten over the last couple of years.

Cheers Rob.



I really like your project, it has finally got me to understanding some of the programming involved in completing this.

You have changed your sketch from version one, do you have any plans to post the new sketch?

I'd like to compare the two new vs old.

Thanks you have been a great help.



Hey Rich,

Thanks much appreciated.

When I changed the sketch to the Ethercard library I updated it on the link too. So that is latest version.

Still waiting on the Custom PCB to arrive to finish the project.....

Cheers Rob.


Hi looks good - I have a question on the PCB?

Did you order just one? or a few?

What was the cost? including shippping?

And who did it?

I want to get some board made but still not sure of where to get it done. I am in New Zealand.

Also what did you use for the board design?



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