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Hi, I am using a programmer instead of IDE's avrdude. Is there a trick how to tell (0022 as well as 1.0.1) to IDE where to store the .hex files? The current random .hex files assignment is a nightmare..p.


I was not aware that hex files are stored anywhere. Are they stored somewhere after compilation?


The .hex files are stored in a temporary directory until the upload finishes. 

There is an option you can add to preferences.txt to tell Arduino to NOT delete the files.  I think it's:


You then set build output to 'verbose' to get the name and location of the temporary directory.
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I had to "make visible" all folders and files to find the .hex file when I did what you are doing.  For some reason on my Mac it was putting the files in a hidden folder.
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The .hex files are stored (winxp) in directories like this one:
C:\Documents and Settings\your_username\Local Settings\Temp\build3526495849735274299.tmp
Each new build after opening the IDE is put into a new .tmp directory with "random" number in the name of the directory. So after few days you have there ~15 build.. (and console.., untitled..) dirs, which are mostly empty.
Frankly, I do not understand why an option for placing the hex file is not provided  :smiley-roll:


Frankly, I do not understand why an option for placing the hex file is not provided  :smiley-roll:

I'm guessing that 99.9% of Arduino users would never use that option because the Arduino IDE has no provision for uploading a pre-compiled .hex file.

It's not that hard to learn to do raw AVR programming using the compiler directly.  This gives you complete control of where you place your .hex file.
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easier way: http://www.thinkcreate.org/index.php/debug-arduino-with-proteus/  :smiley-mr-green:


Yes, that is exactly what we need  :)


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easier way: http://www.thinkcreate.org/index.php/debug-arduino-with-proteus/  :smiley-mr-green:

I'm not getting anything on that site . Is it still up?
Hm must be a temp thing google cache has it on search


I sometimes use the hex file, so I like to hold the shift key when I press the verify :) (I am not sure why they removed this from the Official 1.0.1)

So I can copy the path this way:

Another option is to edit your preferences file and add:
Code: [Select]

to dump your files there
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Thats a good one but Windows only it seems


Thats a good one but Windows only it seems

Works for me on Mac:

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Yes John Thanks
Silly me
Lines 50 or so in /Arduino/lib/preferences.txt
# temporary build path, normally this goes into the default
# "temp" folder for that platform (as defined by java)
# but this can be used to set a specific file in case of problems
Its also in /root/.arduino/preferences.txt

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