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Hello all!

I've been playing a little bit with an Arduino One and I'm a little curious about this: does anyone know what is the size of the transistors in the ATmega328p? I was looking for some answers in the web, and the only reference I found was a blog ( http://rajeshkovvuri.wordpress.com/2011/11/01/atmega328p-and-atmega328-what-is-the-difference/ ) talking about the differences between 328 and 328p and guessing the process of each one. Does anyone have more information?

Thaaaanks in advance :)


"does anyone know what is the size of the transistors in the ATmega328p?"
Very small.

"Does anyone have more information?"
Probably not. You could browse at atmel
and see what you can find.  I don't recall seeing anything in the '328 datasheet.
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Yeah, that's the thing... I've also read the datasheet and the info isn't there :( I guess it is some secret architecture design stuff, so I was hoping someone knew something, but I was quite convinced already that there wasn't going to be any official information. Thanks anyway! ^^


In the ATMEL forums they've just answered me this:

"Early AVRs were on 0.35um, later they used 0.18um then since they closed the Atmel fabs and outsourced I think they're now using 0.12um"

So, I guess that Atmega328p is 0.18um...

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