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I vote for it. And ask all other mobile users to give their vote, too!


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No news about tapatalk? I would like it too please


Just joined, would be great to have Tapatalk support, whilst I'd imagine most of what is discussed on this forum requires access to code to copy/paste, it would be useful to read what others have written while on the move.

I find it incredibly useful to be able to read things on the move, think about it and then its all good to go in my head when I get back to a proper keyboard.


I would also love to have Tapatalk support here,
especially since the new beta for tablets.

It is realy easy to install on this forum:

Download the zip package to your computer.
Login to your forum Admin area
Go to "Package Manager" and choose "Download Packages"
Scroll to the bottom "Upload a Package" section
Upload the zip package
Choose "Install MOD"
Choose "Install Now"
Make sure the "mobiquo" folder AND all files inside has the proper permission (we recommend "755" (chmod -R 755)).

source: http://www.tapatalk.com/activate_tapatalk.php?plugin=smf

If you want I can also assist/install it for you.



I'd like to see support for tapatalk as well, it would make following/participating easier.


Does tapatalk allow you to post while driving or crossing roads?  =(
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As a new user of the forum, tapatalk support was the very first i searched for. apparently it isn't in. bugger.


+1, tapatalk support would be really appreciated


Vote for tapatalk! Please because your forum editor is insane on my iPhone.

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