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i am working on home automaton project. i did every thing but i now need to see live streeming video on my browser page. like if i use web cam then how to connetc it to arduino or ethernet shield board.
i am using arduino mega with ethernet shield.
i think microcontroller will not support the video because its ram is not so big.
is there any alternative method.


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I would imagine you need to have the PC talk directly to the web cam directly for ing.  You may need a process on your pc, that combines the live feed from the web cam with the stuff from the Arduino (or just java/javascript in your browser).

Failing the ability of the PC to talk to the web cam, you likely will need to upgrade to a processor that can handle live video feeds.  Presumably ARM processors (mbed, beaglebone, raspberry-pi, etc.) have enough memory and processor speed to handle it, but I don't know from personal experience.

If you just need to overlay some simple text over the video feed, you could use a video shield such as http://nootropicdesign.com/ve/, and then have the PC accept composite video input, possibly through a TV card or frame grabber.


As the arduino generally does not support video transmission, the most likely solution is to use an "IP cam" to supply the video to a web page. Look at the below page source code to see a method to put video in a control page. Note that the cam has a bad wire that causes the video to drop out in some positions. 

Google forum search: Use Google Search box in upper right side of this page.
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As much as I love the Arduino, there are some projects which are better done with other hardware.

If you just want to see what's happening at a remote (but internet enabled) location, an IPcam is the way to go... there are many which have built in servers. You only need to leave the camera and the internet connection turned on. No PC needed.

Now... if you want to refine the CONTROL you have over the camera... position, on/off, etc., then you might have good cause to add an Arduino with an ethernet interface to the equation....


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I'm also with the same situation, but I'd do make my video live at Facebook.

I need:

1- 1280 x 720 pixels videocamera (Facebook HD dosen't take image biger than 720p);

2- microphone (in my case a professional microphone!);

3-tablet with professional VIDEO - AUDIO IN and 3G-4G internet conection.

Why we need arduino for?

I wold like to have sensors, and small motors to move my camera in the sea, the videocamera operates in water.

So far I found a "TABLET"  on CUBIE AI0-A20 board with display, this board runs LINUX and has 4G internet network

Costs 127 USD with 7" Display touch screen, etc.

This Cubie board has all kinds of conectors for Arduino because is 100% open source

Just ready to make Facebook LIVE VIDEO from my in water camera.


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