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I have updated all links and the English version should work.


Ok so : the language problem is going to be fixed, it is supposed to be automatic, depending on the default language of your OS ...
About the setup.exe, it works with us so ... We'll re-upload it and hope for the best :p
Finally, we discussed about the improvement and we have some ideas so I think a new version of BitmapU8GlibCreator will soon be available :)

Thx for the feedback :)



I did some more serious tests. Here are some results: setup.exe failed to download. The zip is fine.
Another question is: How do i switch to english? Is the english version available. Your program is still
usable without knowing French (thanks to the icons), but it might still be helpful for those with limited
knowledge on French (unfortunately this includes me).

But then.. it seems to work as it should  :)



Hi Olivier,
I'm a co-worker of MrPantalon on this project. We are french and we decided that I would take care of the english publication of this software.
Well, first, we're very proud that the creator of the u8glib is interested in our project. That's something we really did not expected ;)
As MrPantalon said, you can use the MediaFire url in the description to link this software to your library.
If you have any idea/suggestion of improvement, we'll be glad to ear about it to make BitmapU8GlibCreator even better :)
And BTW, thx for that library, it very useful :D

Cobalt1911 (Antonin Aumetre)


You can use any url you want .
Sorry for my english my english is bad.

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