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I've got some of these powerful little suckers. A real plus is the built in encoder. The only problem is that the hex set screws on the gears come loose and I've got nothing to tighten them up with. .9mm is too small and 1.3mm is too big. Internet searches seem to point to 1.0mm is a standard size but I've not been able to come up with a source. Can anyone give me a lead? Thanks - Scotty


Local hardware or home center. Get one of the "jack-knife" type allen key sets. Makes it harder to lose the small ones. Of course it means when you lose the little one the whole set has to be looked for...


Have both SAE and metric sets. No key even comes close. These things are tiny; roughly .039". - Scotty


A small flatblade jeweler's screwdriver that will fit in across the corners might work to get some tightening on the screws.
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You sure it's an Allen socket (hex) and not a TorX

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