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Hello forum,

I looked briefly across the forums, but I could not find any list or announcement stating which boards are discontinued.

More specifically, the arduino UNO R1 and R2. The last two times I have ordered UNO's ( R1 - R2 ) I recieved R3's instead. Is there a reason for this? My guess is the R1 and R2 are not produced anymore and that suppliers will soon discontinue them. I hope the supplier didn't just box incorrect products twice in a row :/ .

Can I have a team member verify this for me? I work for a company that uses these board and we need to know if from here forward that the R1 or R2 are no longer available.

Also, others might appreciate this thread being stickied or compiled into a list of other discontinued / no longer manufactured products.


Thanks a ton!


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if you create a car in rev1 that leaks oil, then you create a car rev2 that doesnt leak anymore, would u still create rev1? :-)

i have no clue, but when i look at the old mega in shops it usally says "not selling anymore"


lol I agree with you. Just to clear up one thing you said, though it isn't relevant in your statement, I am not talking about the mega, only the UNO series.

However, I would like a solid answer, hopefully from someone in the Arduino company. As I mentioned before, we use these boards in our company, so we would like a definite answer regarding the R1 and R2 being manufactured still. If possible maybe even an estimated prediction of how long the R3 will be in place.


i hope you will get the answer u want...

sorry for my curiosity :-)
can you tell me what you use those ardus for? up to now i didnt expect a real company would use this more kind of a hobbiest product in the industry

when you look at the layout of rev 2 and 3, does that really matter for you?

still hoping you ll get ur solid answer...


The R3 works fine, it performs just like the R2 and R1 for what we need. The lay out and functionalities of the R3 do not make a difference for our uses.

I agree with you lax123, the arduinos are usually used by hobiest. The reason we use them is to control a coin counting/sorting machine. The factory machine does not have any computer interface, so we use the UNO to send and receive signals from the coin machine. We have a serial connection to a computer at all times.

We are moving away from this solution as ( like you said ) the arduino is really meant for development, not production. To replace the arduino we are using a parallel port ( 25 pins ) and that controls the machine now. We just have not fully implemented this new solution yet.


We are moving away from this solution as ( like you said ) the arduino is really meant for development, not production.

The Arduino is meant to make development/testing easy. When you have a final product, using the AtMega328 or -1280 or -2560 along with a few other parts on a PCB of your own design is quite feasible. I don't see why you felt the need to abandon a working prototype for an alternative, unless there are things you are not sharing.
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We ran into issues with using the arduino. As I mentioned we maintain a serial connection to our PC at all times. Randomly we would lose this serial connection, it almost seems like the longer the serial connection was connected, the more likely it was for us to lose it. This was a big problem because our machines are all over the nation, so remotely unplugging the usb or resetting the arduino is nearly impossible ( at least not worth the trouble of developing something just to reset it remotely ). Also, the arduino could not offer multi-threading across the serial connection.

We moved to the parallel port because we can have multi-threading, and we wont have to worry about losing any connection to the device. Its a big deal for us to have the multi-threading because it allows us to listen for interrupts, send commands, and keep a detailed log all at the same time.

I was not meaning to talk bad about the arduino, it is an amazing microprocessor that can offer a friendly introduction into electronics. Or even offer advanced projects for a seasoned engineer. It is a wonderful product and I have my own personal projects using one.


I have two Arduino's (uno and mega) that have been running 24x7 for the last five weeks transmitting serial data to a computer with no issues.  If you were loosing serial communication, there is likely another issue in your setup that isn't related to the Arduino.


The original intent of this post is to find out if arduino still manufactures the UNO R1 and R2.

As for the issues I experienced, I already have a solution that is more robust and more powerful. I am curious as to what part of my setup is causing the serial issues, but I will start another post for that.

Thank you for the replies.


I would still like to know if the Arduino UNO R1 or R2 are still being manufactured. I know it seems like they wouldnt be any more, but I would like a definite answer from some one who works for arduino.

Thank you.


Why not ask the Arduino Team directly?
They are listed on the home page
and there is a Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.
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Brilliant! haha

The thought didnt cross my mind as I assumed that team members would monitor the forums. I just sent an email and I will post the reply in here so others can be aware too.

Silly me. Well thank you for the suggestion :)


We moved to the parallel port because we can have multi-threading, and we wont have to worry about losing any connection to the device

Speaking of Discontinued... Most PC's today have discontinued the Parallel Port. What are you using for the future??

Anyone needs some ISA Parallel/Serial cards, email me, I have about 50 :-)  terry@yourduino.com
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We have a computer that is being manufactured for us that has the parallel port on them. I agree that the port is outdated but this company will continue to supply them for us. It is an integrated port on the motherboard not a card.

As for the main purpose of this thread, I took CrossRoads advice and emailed them. They responded with this link that is stating that they will not be making anymore of the R1 and R2. Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QS2y-nc3uPI&feature=player_detailpage#t=158s

Thank you all for the responses. This thread is solved.


But you can get the earlier Uno pcbs on eBay although I personally wouldn't fancy soldering them up! Nor can I vouch for their provenance...
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