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Not sure if this is an Arduino question or an openWRT question but thought that I would have better luck here.
I am playing with using cheap $20 routers with openWRT installed to add networking to some of my projects.

I am using the Tplink mr3020n and wr703 routers as they have RJ45 ethernet and 802.11bgn wireless for the cost less then that of a ethernet shield.

The problem I am having is connecting the UNO r3 to the routers, as it is a USB-CDC device I am installing the USB-ACM driver and able to detect it as /dev/ttyACM0 but I am unable to pipe data to it.

so using commands like
echo "hello" >/dev/ttyACM0
does not work but if I connect a socket to the port
socat tcp-l:3333,reuseaddr,fork file:/dev/ttyACM0,nonblock,raw,echo=0,waitlock=/var/run/tty,b9600
it does work and I can communicate with the Arduino UNO using telnet   

If I can get piping working I can create some quick and dirty cgi shell scripts for the internal webserver allowing me to send data to projects with very little coding. The long term goal is implement it all in python on the router and creating feeds off to web services.   


Have you tried to use setserial to correctly set the baudrate and other stuff. You socat command does set it but for the device you don't do it. You may have to install the package before you can use it.


GR0B - Did you get this working?? I am trying to interface a TL-WR703N to an Arduino NANO (same hardware as UNO) and even with the usb-acm package installed no ttyACM is created.


post result of:

1. dmesg |grep usb

2. dmesg |grep cdc_acm

3. opkg list-installed | grep usb

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