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EDIT: Found them. 6-pin version and 8-pin version.

Hey all, I need some advice here.

I just got my first Arduino shield back from the fab and I'm pretty excited about it. I had grabbed some headers that were advertised as "long" and "stackable arduino headers" but I've found that they're too short (10.5mm). When I put my shield on top of an Arduino Uno the board presses against the top of the USB port. This is a problem because it can cause a short on my shield. Here's a photo:

The only other shield I own is an ethernet shield and its headers are really long (14mm). When I put it on my Uno, it has no problems touching the USB jack:

I found some extra-long headers at a local shop but they were so expensive - $1.10 to $1.20 for ONE 6 or 8-pin header. Adding these to the shields will add about $5 to the final cost, which sucks.

Is this a regular problem for people who design shields? Are there any places online I can get these "extra-long" headers? I tried looking around but found nothing conclusive. Should I include these extra-long headers when I sell them, should I include the "long" ones knowing they'll be too short for people, or should I let people buy their own headers completely?


Adafruit offers them a bit cheaper, though with shipping you probably should combine with other orders: https://www.adafruit.com/products/400.

I wish they were more common.


Those don't say how long they are, and they're also male headers. I found these ones from Adafruit but they're too short (10.5mm, like in my first photo). I wouldn't be totally opposed to using male headers, just as long as they're long enough.


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Have a look at the Samtec SSW/SSQ series. They have tails up to 14.83mm long.

According to my data sheet the 8-pin version would have the part # SSW-1-8-24-F-S, but I can't find that at Mouser et al so I may have the number wrong because I have found them before.

EDIT: Here's the data sheet www.robgray.com/temp/SSW-SSQ_TH.pdf


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You have not found this yet?


Jameco price is too high!
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Those ones are still only 10.5mm long. Actually, this is where I get the majority of my components, they're cheaper than almost everywhere else.

I ended up revising my design to not go over the USB or power jacks on the board, so I have no problem with using the shorter headers now.


If you use EAGLE, add the shape of the Arduino connectors in a keepout layer. BTW, they have 10-pin female headers too, for UNO R3
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these look like they would work https://www.adafruit.com/products/85

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